About Me

Seth Jones a Actor and Voice Actor on the rise. Seth has been working in voice over since 2018 and his most notable roles are providing additional voice over for the indie film Ark Exodus, commercial work with Well Said Labs as Zack, and continuing work at Crunchyroll where he has been apart of Attack on Titan, One Piece, Chainsaw Man, Arifureta Season2, Fruit of Evolution, Laid Back Camp, Black Summoner, I’m the Villainess, and Utawarerumono. 

He continues to push forward by constantly learning and improving, being trained by talent such as Victoria Atkin, Tabitha Ray, Max Hambleton, Jason Lord, Morgan Berry, Jose Sandoval, and Joel McDonald. The goals he is trying to achieve are to be working with AAA studios in gaming and animation, as well as work in commercial and e-learning settings. Seth has always had a passion for animation/pop culture, Anime, comics, and video games.

Drawn in by talent that has the power to move people, to evoke emotions, and to have actors connect people with the characters through acting alone is what inspires Seth to pursue voice acting. “Fall in love with the process”, is a phrase he continues to say to help keep himself and others motivated to keep pursuing voice acting. 

When Seth isn’t working towards voice over, he is a gamer, typically playing a RPG, avid anime watcher, Anime Convention runner, and looks for motivational quotes or phrases that he likes to then put out into the world himself as he feels that if you keep preaching positivity and help spread it, you in turn not only help yourself, but also elevate others around you to do and be better. “It’s all about falling in love with the process, it’s where you will be 80% of your time.”